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Active Doctors Active Patients

Active Doctors Active Patients


At the request of the Ministry of Health, following the great success of the last edition, will be held at the Medical Sport gym located in Tortoreto (TE), Via Sardegna 2, an innovative training "in the field" dedicated to the doctors, included in the national program of Continuous Education of the Ministry of Health, entitled ACTIVE DOCTORS, ACTIVE PATIENTS.

The event originates from the idea that the approach to the prevention, shared the assumption of "treating health before sickness," can and must find a materialize and that, in this respect, only your doctor can be a point and a credible reference guide, using the force of example, thanks to newly acquired skills.

The course, in fact, will allow doctors to personally try all the many disciplines of the modern fitness in order to understand and prescribe, in a rational, fair and appropriate way, various levels and types of Exercise in the patient.

For a Healthy Body and Fit is important to understand the difference between increasing levels of daily physical activity (walking, climbing stairs, etc., in order to run the 10,000 steps per day that a human body should do, as suggested by the world Health Organization) and weekly follow a plan for a lifetime of Physical Exercise (a program can be called complete if trains many of the 21 key components of a Body Healthy and Fit: Strength, Endurance Cardio-Vascular, FLEXIBILITY, Agility, balance / posture, etc..).

The scientific part of the training will be led by Fausto Di Giulio, Physical Therapist Teacher of Physical Education, who learned directly in the United States the new techniques.

Since the power of example is much more powerful than words, the doctor becomes a living model of positive Lifestyle to emulate: constant exercise, daily physical activity and healthy and balanced eating.

We will present the methods of prevention developed and currently used in prestigious leader in research facilities, such as Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital.

With the acquisition of these techniques, to be transferred to their patients, the doctor may have a valuable and effective tool to improve for its clients, through the scientific and programmed Exercise the prevention and the control of several tens of diseases: obesity, osteoporosis, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, arthritis, back pain, etc..

In addition, other issues will be addressed, such as the current state of the problems caused by lack of exercise and exercise wrong or insufficient.

The doctors from Teramo and L'Aquila will then be the first to set an example for the importance of prevention because in the end it is convenient to stay well. it is convenient first to citizens that preserve the health, save in care and are more productive in their work. It's also good to the state that reduces the cost of Health.

 Given that the physical, psychological social relies not only on '"Physical Exercise as medicine", but on a broader overarching concept of "Lifestyle Medicine" during the event will also discuss healthy and balanced eating and, elimination of smoking, moderate alcohol use, positive thinking, social and fulfilling life

The course, organized by the scientific association ALBA, is totally free, valid for 12 CME credits  and itís reserved for General Practitioners, Specialists in Paediatrics, Specialist in General Medicine, Diabetes Metabolic Diseases, Interdisciplinary Area, Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Cardiology, Sports Medicine, Internal Medicine.

Under the guidance of Di Giulio and qualified instructors and physiotherapists of Medical Sportís Team, doctors will be able to practice personally in 16 workout programs: SlowFIT Medical Fitness, Cardio Fitness, Spinning, EASY LINE, fitboxe, Walking, circuiting, Step, body Pump, Total Body, Pilates, Yoga, AIR Suspension Training, body Balance, stretching, muscle strengthening workout machines.

The part of scientific information will be held by prestigious speakers such as:

- Giuseppe D'Ascenzo, Cardiologist

- Giancarlo Marinangeli, Nephrologist and Internist

For the occasion, in order to combat the sad Italian record of having the highest number of obese children in Europe, the Medical Sports will offer free to all children and adolescents aged 11 to 17 years in the area the opportunity to attend for free throughout the summer some special fitness classes. The opportunity is limited and you can book by calling 0861 789 239.


For more info visit the website or send an email to www.assoalba.org formazione@assoalba.org.

Person to contact

Francesco Fagnani





Do you want to organize an educational event aimed at doctors in your area directly in your fitness club?

Contact Fausto Di Giulio fausto.digiulio@slowfit.com

Active Doctors Active Patients




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