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7 SlowFIT's Benefits

7 SlowFIT's Benefits



Those who derive most benefit from the SlowFIT method are two types of people that represent the vast majority of individuals who currently lead a sedentary life:

a) subjects with disease (there are workout plans for 54 diseases)

b) lazy people who do not like to feel the fatigue


The seven advantages of the method are:


1. Everywhere: you can practice both in the gym and in fitness room (for those who want to schedule suited to their needs) and in the training room (when they can book a specific time on the agenda as an appointment with your health), at home or on the road (hotels, spas, resorts, cruise ships, outdoor, etc.).


2. In every moment : you can practice both at fixed times with the group, than when you have time in the fitness room, adjusting the duration of the session according to your available time.


3. Socializing: 2 types of group classes, and SlowFIT Generalized SlowFIT Custom (Big Group Personal Training)


4. Custom: thanks to the system folder SlowFIT, you can personalize and continually update the programs, ensuring results, continuous motivation and enthusiasm to pupils. Ideal for individual personal training, small and large groups. Even for programs of physiotherapy, osteopathy, massage therapy and aesthetics


5. Fast: instantly adaptable to the daily available time of the pupil, thanks to 25 minutes classes.


6. Educational: helps you acquire the habit of practicing physical exercise as a healthy lifestyle.


7. Funny: the instructor is trained on animation techniques and motivation as well as on organizing trips and parties to keep learners motivated.





The Battle Against Obesity

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