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SlowFIT Method

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7 SlowFIT's Benefits

Fausto Di Giulio

SlowFIT Method

SlowFIT METHOD: Who’s for?


It is complete and is ideal for everyone!

Are you hardened lazy, chronic sedentary,  fitness beginners or lovers of the shape and wellbeing?
Whatever category you belong to, you can try out this tool truly unique: it can be used to tone or to stretch the muscles of all parts of the body.

It is functional and practical, lightweight, washable, customizable, must not be installed because it is already ready for use, stows anywhere even decorating the house.

In addition to allowing any type of exercise, it’s a design piece!

More than a tool is new training method that allows you to keep fit and cure certain diseases or problems in the easiest way there is: moving.


It is based on the union of very different techniques, combined to help people achieve certain goals.


"The Weapon" extra to guarantee results? The tool SlowFIT on which you run the majority of the exercises and allows you to secure your back and make the same movement easier or more difficult depending on the fitness of who runs them.



The SlowFIT is used differently depending on the type of training and the goals and is at the heart of all discipline because it allows to reduce the feeling of fatigue and make it pleasant to stay in shape.


The SlowFIT is the new sports method, which combines the oriental disciplines (such as yoga and tai chi), meditation and relaxation-oriented, to current knowledge of modern sports medicine, in particular the techniques of postural re-education (such as Mezieres or Souchard ) and the disciplines of fitness (such as Body Pump, stretching, aerobics, step aerobics). It is, therefore, a mix of many different disciplines (in addition to those mentioned: Pilates, biofeedback, relaxation meditation, etc.).

The SlowFIT does not provide, however, a fixed combination of different sports, but an assemblage varies according to the objective to be achieved. For example, if your goal is to tone, you will rely primarily on training exercises of Pilates or Ashtanga Yoga. If, however, the goal is to extend, we will focus mainly on stretching and Hatha Yoga.


The various types of lessons: Custom (SlowFIT MEDICAL) and generalized (SlowFIT PILATES and 10 other classic courses)


The SlowFIT, therefore, does not provide a single mode of training, but many different types based on the purpose. The most widely used method of all is the so-called "SlowFIT MEDICAL" This is mainly a preventive method and post-rehabilitation: it allows, in fact, to prevent as well as cure (of course with specific treatments, such as medications), many diseases. Training protocols were coded for 42 different diseases: hypertension, back pain, balance disorder, obesity, cellulite, osteoporosis, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, and so on.



Next to the version MEDICAL, there is the SlowFIT PILATES and the possibility to insert the SlowFIT in the classic courses that take place in fitness clubs.

During generalized lessons all participants performed the same exercise at the same time whereas the SlowFIT lesson is based on the execution of movements typically belonging to a single discipline, filtered from a medical point of view and of course always with the use of SlowFIT  wedge (it is the SlowFIT that distinguishes the forms of discipline SlowFIT by individual disciplines but all the exercises can be adapted to the physical condition and the specific needs of the patients easily, intensifying  or securing the exercises ).

These lessons, therefore, are shorter than the custom SlowFIT MEDICAL, typically last 25 minutes and are given to people who have little time but with a single well-defined goal and the same for all: tone up, stretch, relax, and so on.

The 12 lessons (11 generalized and customized group classes) are:






 5. SlowFIT PUMP

 6. SlowFIT YOGA






 12. SlowFIT BABY

The prefix SlowFIT means that the traditional discipline in question has been rendered safe by careful analysis and selection of the best exercises to be part of a team of experts and, thanks to SlowFIT all exercises are simplified and graded according to the conditions of the pupil.

SlowFIT Method


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7 SlowFIT's Benefits

Fausto Di Giulio



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