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Education System

Education System

Medical Fitness SlowFIT

The Path of Professional Medical Fitness & Wellness, according to the SlowFIT revolutionary method provides an effective mix of 3 training tools (theoretical classroom training, hands-on workshop in the gym, distance learning) that allow rapid learning with a minimum expenditure of time and travel.


The Training Program is recognized by the Medical Fitness Association, the qualification is valid for 3 different roles: SlowFIT Group Trainer, Fitness Trainer Medical SlowFIT and SlowFIT Medical Fitness Coordinator.

Types of Classes

1. SlowFIT GroupX Convention

2. SlowFIT Medical Fitness Basic Class

3. SlowFIT Medical Fitness Certification Class

4. SlowFIT Medical Fitness Training Start-Up: how to start immediately at its center with a private education


1) SlowFIT GroupX Convention

The course is aimed at instructors of courses, those of fitness room and personal trainers, provides 6 hours of training in the gym to learn how to use the wedge SlowFIT to renew more than 300 classic exercises for strength, flexibility, balance and proprioception, agility, functional training, CrossFit, disc decompression, posture, etc.. The course reveals how to use the SlowFIT wedge to add instantly and with minimal investment of more than 10 new courses: Stetching, Yoga, Posturing, Pump, Pilates, CrossCircuit.

2) SlowFIT Medical Fitness Basic Class

Path SlowFIT Medical Fitness begins with a day theoretical and practical in the gym (Basic Class SlowFIT Medical Fitness) in order to learn the methodology and the correct setting for the Operating Plans Personalized Medical Fitness both as Personal Trainer or Physical Therapist (With Individual Sessions or Small Group PT) than as instructor SlowFIT Group Custom (Large Group PT) for 4 diseases and medical conditions.

3) SlowFIT Medical Fitness Certification Class

 For a period of 3 months, provides a distance education on the correct setting for more than 45 medical conditions and diseases. Involves learning the correct method of working with doctors and pharmacies.

4) SlowFIT Medical Fitness Training Start-Up: how to start immediately at its center with a private education

Private training at the headquarters of the gym buyer for the complete setup of the system SlowFIT Medical Fitness. Training Start-Up includes:

- Setting the method SlowFIT Medical Fitness, contextualization to the local situation and coordinating the same with physiotherapy and other CMP

- 2 and a half days for training at the seat reserved for customer management, sales and technical

- Online Training Certification reserved

- Operating protocols for the technical department and sales department

- Protocols for Cooperation tested with Doctors and Pharmacies

- Quarterly updates for 1 year for technical, commercial and managers.

- 10 SlowFIT PRO

- Start-Up Kit with Club Manual and Trainer's Manual, Workbook for the 25 Active Principles, Protocols Handbook Training for 45 diseases, 10 Personalized Exercise Plans

Certification Exam

At the end of the Basic Training Course and Certification you can take the Certification Exam at the end of the path to get an attestation which certifies the acquired skills. The exam consists of an on-line test and a video shooting of a SlowFIT Medical Fitness & Wellness lesson.

Mode participation in SlowFIT Classes

There are 2 different ways to participate to SlowFIT Classes

1) On-Site Reserved Formation

You can organize at your own club, the entire training process. This solution offers substantial savings of time and money because it cuts transfers and time costs.

2) Open Travelling Formation

You can join one of the official SlowFIT courses scheduled in the year, or a Restricted Class open also to non-organizing club’s instructors.

Purpose of Formation Class

Path for SlowFIT Medical Fitness Certification enables Trainer to handle 4 classes and 3 MPC (Multiple Profit Centers).

The 4 lessons are:

1) SlowFIT Medical Fitness Class: the linchpin of the whole system, the revolutionary Custom Group Course for Large Group PT.

2) Medical Fitness Individual Personal Training

3) Medical Fitness Small Group Personal Training

4) Group Courses with Generalized use of SlowFIT (SlowFIT Trainer Group), the classic lessons for generalized postural training (in which all do the same exercises), and courses like Toning, Pump, Pilates, Yoga, Stretching and Functional Training with SlowFIT.

The 3 MPC (Multiple Profit Centers) are:

1) Postural, Functional and Metabolic Evaluations

2) Lifestyle Coaching (Nutritional Coaching etc.).

3) Wellness Seminars

Certified qualifications

1) SlowFIT Group Trainer

He is the course instructor, able to use the SlowFIT to renew his courses in Functional Training, Toning, Pump, Free Body, Pilates, Stretching, Circuit Training, Postural, and so on. The Fitness Room Instructor or Personal Trainer will be able to use the SlowFIT for strength exercises, flexibility, balance and proprioception, agility, functional training, relaxation and meditation, decompression, posture, etc..

Objectives of the professional path: learn how to use the SlowFIT to renew hundreds of classic bodyweight exercises or by small accessories, add pleasure, suggest options for both intensity than difficulty. This qualification is achieved by participating in Basic Class.

2) SlowFIT Medical Fitness Trainer
This figure is typical of the professional degree in physical education or physical therapy that has acquired specific knowledge , skills and abilities in managing single or group of people who need to acquire the habit of Physical Exercise as a lifestyle in order to prevent and treat the most common chronic diseases.

In collaboration with the physician is able to perform analysis and planning of personalized programs of Exercise Therapy.


There is also a managerial role as a growth path of the trainer:

3) SlowFIT Medical Fitness Coordinator

is a professional who acts as a bridge between the fitness club and the medical world. is the figure who has the technical and organizational skills to develop and update the offer SlowFIT Medical Fitness center. Coordinates the staff of SlowFIT Medical Fitness Specialist, promotes and supervises the paths of Medical Fitness and coordinate offers of Medical Fitness: are paths that may include more than SlowFIT custom group class, other scheduled classes (Postural Pancafit, spinning, walking , etc.). Plans that exercise carried out in the fitness room or with a personal trainer (Figure which shall be identified by the owner of the club).

Objectives of the vocational route: learn how to develop, manage and promote in its catchment area the Medical Fitness and associated multiple centers of profit. How to adapt the SlowFIT system to your company. Organize the annual plans of socializing events, Instructional, external communication and Public Relations.

Certification Procedure of SlowFIT Medical Fitness Training Course

The trainer, after attending the training day of the SlowFIT Basic Course and the first day of practice On-Site SlowFIT Medical Fitness Certification, can access the SlowFIT FAD (Distance Learning) in order to support the exam certification for the qualification of SlowFIT Medical Fitness trainer.

The Training Course lasts 12 weeks (3 months) with a specific program for each week .

The Medical Fitness Trainer will study the Education techniques and procedures, and the general outline of the procedures pertaining to the Commercial and Marketing Medical Fitness Coordinator ( in order to cooperate more closely with the sales department, marketing and general management) .

The course material is sent weekly to the Medical Fitness Coordinator, who will distribute it to aspiring Medical Fitness Trainers .

Each end of the month there is the Periodic Verification of Learning . Aspiring Medical Fitness Trainers fill out a questionnaire and send it by e- mail at the Medical Fitness Coordinator, which passes them on to the SlowFIT International Association for the control.


Educational Program

The course starts with the basic course of 2 days and continued for 3 months following the Distance Learning On-Line to the final degree.

- The SlowFIT rehabilitation for back pain and other back pain

- The SlowFIT in post-operative rehabilitation: knee, ankle, hip prosthesis.

- The SlowFIT in old age for osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

- The SlowFIT in Posture and proprioceptive exercises.

- The SlowFIT in metabolic disorders and work programs for diabetes, overweight and obesity.

- PILATES rehabilitation: basic principles and exercises of Pilates applied to rehabilitation

- Therapeutic Yoga: the main categories of yoga poses: standing, upside down, in torsion, flexion, in extension. Yoga for posture and balance. Relaxation techniques and meditation.

- Postural exercises and gymnastics FITNESS BENCH with SlowFIT

- How to set up programs PEP, Personalized Exercise Protocols of SlowFIT MEDICAL FITNESS. The personalized plans executed in a group, give more quality to the customer and at the same time optimize costs and increase profitability per hour of the club.

- How to set up undergone training protocols with SlowFIT workbooks for each disease

- How to start immediately with a course of SlowFIT MEDICAL KIT START-UP

- Complete system of collaboration and communication with the medical world (Active Active Patients Doctors, prescription pad, medicine box, etc).


It's ideal for instructors at the beginning of their careers, in order to initiate learning teaching and GYM GYM POSTURAL and POST MEDICAL REHABILITATION, for those who already have experience and want to use the potential of the tool during SlowFIT their individual or group lessons.




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