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Medical Fitness

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Medical Fitness


The desire to provide a better quality of life forpeople with chronic diseases has been a source of inspiration to create thesystem SlowFIT Medical Fitness.

It 'a custom group with only one trainer that makes itenjoyable, safe, and effective exercise of those who need to exercise forlife-quote for medical purposes.

You can help clubbers and at the same timeinstructors, personal trainers, and the club itself to increase revenues andprofits from core business and additional services.

You will cooperate with doctors and pharmacies, youwill be part of a vast new market expected to grow in size and value in whichthe exercise is compared to a real natural medication.

The SlowFIT Medical Fitness System allows you tomanage and satisfy customers with medical needs through the Personal Training(1 to 1), the Small Group Personal Training (2-5 people), but also andespecially with the Large Group Personal Training.

The 3rd space for Medical Fitness & Wellness,Functional Training and Circuit Training

A room set up for the SlowFIT Medical Fitness can beused successfully for Functional Training and Circuit Training and is ideal forPersonal Trainers, group classes instructors and physiotherapists.

There are 4 Business
Models for SlowFIT Medical Fitness

Enter now in your Fitness Club, in your PersonalTrainer Studio or in your Physiotherapy Center one of the 4 format best suitedfor you:

Normal course of SlowFIT Medical Fitness inserted inthe schedule time and in a normal training room

Dedicate a Corner of the fitness room dedicated toSlowFIT Medical Fitness

3)Dedicated Room
Dedicate a Room to SlowFIT Medical Fitness

Exclusive SlowFIT Studio specialized in MedicalFitness

SlowFIT MEDICAL FITNESS& WELLNESS is considered the BEST in the WORLD program to help studentsachieve their RESULTS safely and with pleasure. It is also useful to increase the revenues of personal trainers and club owners in the near and long term.increase the revenues of personal trainers and club owners in the near and longterm.

Innovation is right in the personal training of largegroups, a revolutionary method to CUSTOM GROUP WORK. In fact, at the same timein a group of people too numerous, each performing a specific sequence ofexercises all different from others, for their own goals, without loss of timeand ensuring an effective RESULT.

Let's take an example: in a classic and not customgroup course, each person do the same exercise, so a person with back paincould hypothetically make for half of the lesson exercises that, at best, donot improve his problem thus losing valuable time, but even some of these mightbe his harmful or useless.

It is primarily a preventive method andpost-rehabilitation: it allows, in fact, to prevent as well as cure (of coursealong with specific treatments, such as medications), many diseases. Training protocols were coded for 42 different diseases: hypertension, back pain, balance disorder, obesity, cellulitis, osteoporosis, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, and so on. A SlowFIT MEDICAL lesson is a group lesson but it is custom!coded for 42 different diseases: hypertension, back pain, balance disorder,obesity, cellulitis, osteoporosis, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia,
hypertension, and so on. A SlowFIT MEDICAL lesson is a group lesson but it iscustomized!

Benefits for trainers and clubs:

1) Only one instructor manages the course with theability to do more consecutive hours without excessive physical effort

2) Fixed the problem of difficult to find replacementsin the event of sudden absence of the instructor

3) Interesting profit center that generates newrevenues with assessments, nutrition coaching, personal training, etc..

4) It caters to a high retention rate (75% averageretention to 6 years)

Benefits forclubbers:

1) Secure Programs

2) Effective personalized programs, targeted to thereal medical and psychological needs medical and psychological while in a groupsetting

3) Everywhere: ability to continue to follow thetraining program not only during but also in the equipment room, at home or onthe road

4) At any time: a chance to go to the club at any timeof day and in case of delays or mishaps and find the program ready to play inthe fitness room.

SlowFITLargeGroup Personal Training

Safety and efficacy of programs targeted to the needsof each and with great fun and socialization inherent during training.

Medical Fitness

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